Injury lawyers for personal injury claims at work

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The Injury Lawyers is a leading personal injury claims specialist that covers the whole of the UK: England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Wherever you’re from and whatever your claim, you can be assured of professionalism and tenacity in pursuing your case when you choose The Injury Lawyers to represent you. Accidents which happen at [...]

Changing back to BT for broadband :(

October 20, 2009 · Filed Under General · Comment 

Well, it looks as though I’m finally moving ISP from Zen back to BT broadband, as I just called Zen for a MAC code. It’s a shame, really, as Zen has a far better reputation for service and support than BT, but the problem of wireless interference is a constant and annoying problem. Plus BT [...]

Broadband vs phone

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I don’t normally write about technical issues. Though I can use computer technology, it all goes over my head and I don’t have a clue how it all works. I’ve come across an interesting problem while setting up my home office, though – wireless interference. I was originally with BT as my ISP for broadband, [...]

Comparing savings rates

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One of the more highlighted features of the financial crisis is that savings rates have plummeted on savings accounts. Anyone who has diligently saved over the past few years now faces being punished by existing low interest rates for savers. However, now that the threat of financial collapse is receding, savers are reportedly worrying less [...]

No, the recession is not nearly over

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A lot of interesting stories coming up today, showing the continuing turmoil in the financial world. First up, Edmund Conway claims the recession is over, which is about as optimistic as you can get. Much of this unfounded optimism seems focused on the fact that the property market has seen a positive bounce over this [...]

Welcome to Richmond Way

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I’m John Richmond, and I’ve worked in the financial services sector for over 18 years, working for companies such as Prudential, London & Manchester, and Standard Life. I started as a “financial advisor” which basically meant insurance salesman, and worked my way from sales into administration. The biggest surprise for me is just how many [...]